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"This is one of my all-time favorite shows at the Freight." ~ Heidi Trefethon, Sound Engineer, The Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA

"I have listened to Larry Pattis' recordings in the sunny joyousness of a breakfast kitchen, making love by candlelight, jogging in the city, trail-busting in the hills behind my house, and best of all, relaxing by the river. It's perfect everywhere and, atmospheric at any level of attention. The one thing that relies on a Greater Power for precision, Pattis' great sense of dynamics, is there … HEART!" ~ Chuck Pyle

"Larry Pattis is a fine guitarist. But more than that, Pattis is one of the few solo acoustic players on the scene today who is a true composer, a crafter of songs which are more than just endless repetition or simple noodlings driven by some altered tuning...Pattis uses structure in his music to develop melody, harmony, and rhythm so that each tune draws you in to listen to what is going on. The title cut "What Tomorrow Brings" captures this quality about Pattis' musical explorations: a simple single note melody, begun slowly, then fortified with chordal depth, finally fully blossomed as he finds elements of the melody to develop. Perhaps the gem of this disk, though, is the standard "Waltzing Matilda," which Pattis turns into one of the prettiest chestnuts I've heard in some time. Instead of a rollicking bar tune, Matilda morphs into a melancholy study on six strings, showcasing why people like to listen to Larry Pattis play guitar: he makes it sound beautiful."
Minor 7th, Kirk Albrecht

"Simply brilliant. Simply beautiful." ~ Godfrey Daniels Folk Club

"Larry Pattis blends the emotional commitment of folk and the prowess of classical, a harmonious union of beauty, melody, nuance and technique that demand- and reward- serious listening." ~ Montreal International Jazz Festival

"Come be enthralled, entranced, transported and original, empathic and powerful guitar virtuoso." ~ Bay City Arts Center

"Clear and resonant mastery" ~ Missoula Independent

"What strikes me most about this disc ("What Tomorrow Brings") is that Pattis's playing is quite possibly the most emotional he's done yet. This works as a blessing and a curse - a blessing because it makes some of the songs on What Tomorrow Brings some of the most joyful he's recorded, a curse because the more melancholic moments, while powerful, make the pieces difficult to listen to, especially if you're coming from a dark period in your own life..."Waltzing Matilda" is turned from a happy-go-lucky, almost throw-away piece into one that seems to celebrate the Australian roots while lamenting something lost. This is not to say that What Tomorrow Brings is a sad disc; indeed, for each mournful song, there is one that is just as celebratory. Pattis's style of playing has never been one of showboating - though, Lord knows his skills on the six-string are impeccable. Instead, he shows control by letting the music itself, not skill on the guitar, speak for him - and it says volumes. Listen to "The Spanish Dream," and try not to be taken into a world of suspense and romance, especially in the portions that break into a light waltz. What Tomorrow Brings is easily Pattis's most challenging disc in terms of the gravity of some of the songs' subjects, and I admit it took me several listens to really appreciate just what he had to offer within these 14 tracks - but I can vouch that it's well worth the time and effort to do so."
Daily Vault, Chris Thelen

"The cuts on this CD ("Hands of Time") are sweet, soothing, soaring, soft, sharp and sincere. More than anything, sincere ~ true to musical form and musical soul. How sincerity becomes evident in a musical performance is beyond my explanation, but it's something intangible most of us recognize, and when we find it should indulge ourselves shamelessly. Pattis uses a well-defined harmonic frame for each piece, but the outer elements are a kaleidoscope of silken notes and rhythmic fluency. With fingerwork so adept, he drives through poignant, dreamy melodies with vibrant echoes of passion and fun. Larry Pattis persuades his guitar strings to weave ribbons of music around you that become graceful bonds of pleasure. Surrender to it. Enjoy, I did." ~,Virginia MacIsaac

"Think of the names that have dazzled audiences and influenced other guitarists over the last 40 years or so: John Fahey, Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges, Alex de Grassi, Pat Metheny, to name just a few. This is not to slight the masterful contributions and influences of Pierre Bensusan or Ottmar Liebert, just that I'm referring to American guitarists. Larry Pattis could be on his way to being on-par with those players, and any guitar lover will find some exquisitely executed melodies on Pattis' new CD ("Hands of Time"), which is steeped in themes of Americana. You can feel the rhythms of life pulsing through his melodies" ~ New Age Voice Magazine

"(Pattis's) playing is impeccable, disciplined, yet overflowing with feeling. Even more than his wonderful first CD, Random Chance, this set ("Hands of Time") fills the nooks and crannies of one's imagination and emotions, shining gentle lights on places inside that may have been sadly neglected until now. This, indeed, is a CD that will lead you to your most comfortable chair, bring you your favorite slippers, and curl up around your legs, keeping you warm during the coolest evenings." ~ Victory Review, Bill Fisher

"Salt Lake guitar virtuoso Larry Pattis is always a treat to hear, and this weekend's show should sate the most avid acoustic instrumental fans. Pattis, a veteran of numerous national tours, arrives with his diverse new CD, "Hands of Time" an 11-song collection of solo guitar that shows how many directions a man can lead an audience with just two hands and the proper instrument. Finger-picking his way through the solid, meditative title cut, the playful "Underfoot" and "Burning Man," or a guitar-only arrangement of fiddle tune "Ashokan Farewell," Pattis leaves no doubt as to his skills as a composer, player and arranger … a lesson for the ears, heart and soul about acoustic guitar music."
Salt Lake Tribune, Dan Nailen

"The boundless energy of a rambunctious puppy; the evening mist swirling along the edges of a wooded path; carefree childhood pleasures, such as Saturdays at the movies or afternoons at the playground-these are just a few of the images conjured up by the pieces on Larry Pattis's new CD, Hands of Time. Larry is one of the fortunate few composers to whom beautiful melodies come naturally" ~ Gene Zasadinski,

"Although Pattis establishes his technical prowess on the first tune, it's apparent that he considers composition and mood to be on equal ground with flashy playing, a perfect and exquisite hybrid of neoclassicism and fingerstyle...awash with beauty, mystery and pathos." ~ Alan Fark, Minor 7th

"Recorded entirely on his Custom OM-28V, this album is a masterpiece of studio performance. Through his articulate style and intimate song themes (both playful and reflective), Larry captures the essence of soulful songwriting. Soothing and enchanting, this eleven song gem is a must for guitar players at all levels of accomplishment, and of course for those who love great acoustic guitar music." ~ The Sounding Board

"What we have here is not just another guy with a guitar, but a trained, thoughtful musician with a quicksilver picking technique and many a good tune in his heart. Pattis approaches every note with the ethics of a perfectionist, but without sacrificing the passionate center his compositions inhabit. You may find yourself wondering if guitar music has ever sounded this good." ~ Salt Lake City Weekly

"… Pattis leaves no doubt that he is on the cusp of becoming a major name in the field of acoustic guitar music." ~ Chris Thelen, The Daily Vault

"Pattis, in his usual perfectionist mode, leaves nothing to chance. In tune after tune, he sets the scene with only the help of his delicate fingering and a lifetime of practice. He speaks to a special place in all of us where we are better than we think we are."
Frank Miele, The Kalispell Daily Interlake

"Lively, reflective, and entertaining … Larry's guitar is captured on record with a warm and rich sound that allows him to deliver his elegant compositions and showcase his refined fingerstyle technique." ~ Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine

"Larry Pattis is a fine fingerstyle guitarist that uses his instrument to create colorful palettes of sound. His fluid finger-picking style is clever and skillful as he unveils wonderfully uplifting arrangements on his debut CD, Random Chance. Pattis also displays his considerable songwriting talents penning ten of the numbers that appear on the disc. Choice cuts include the thrilling Tim Time, the sweet Lullaby, the bouncing Dark Roast, and the exquisite Schnaus Haus." ~ Metronome Magazine

"Larry Pattis is a fine guitarist with a knack for creating tasty compositions. Pattis creates tunes that are clean, pure as stream water, and warmly pleasing …"
Acoustic Musician Magazine

"This excellent, understated album (Random Chance) features the sparkling performance of virtuoso guitarist, Larry Pattis. His compositions are clean and pleasing; most pieces like "Big Mountain Sunrise" and "Karla's Song," are gently calming. "Reckless Manoeuvres," a tribute to some well-loved Springer Spaniels, is an exceptionally nice tune, full of subtle surprises. "Farewell to Tarwathie" is the only tune where Pattis is joined by other musicians, Kate MacLeod on fiddle and Andrew Morill on pennywhistle. The result is exquisite." ~ Marilyn O'Malley, Victory Music Review

"Larry Pattis' first album is candid and sincere. The notes come across with clarity, as if he were selecting words or colors to talk to each one of us, individually. We can almost imagine him sitting there contemplating the landscape that he loves and, as we listen, we sit beside him and share this special moment. Each tune is like a private conversation, an invitation to an attractive garden of his. No doubt that his future musical wanderings will be like a morning jog in a field of virgin snow." ~ Pierre Bensusan

"… an album of 11 exquisitely performed fingerstyle guitar pieces. Throughout, Pattis plays with a graceful precision, delivering a soothing and cohesive musical statement. This CD is, by any standard, an impressive debut, including the secret 12th track slide guitar bonus." ~ Smokey Koelsch, The Catalyst

"… Starting with opener "Big Mountain Sunrise" which evokes life in his former home of Whitefish, Montana, Pattis painted a pastel landscape with his fluent and impassioned picking. In his two sets, Pattis played selections which ranged from heartfelt ballads to the caffeinated "Dark Roast," the almost-rocking "Three A.M.," and the rollicking "Tim Time." Pattis' playing style is highlighted by a masterful touch, filled with precision, carefully crafted not to lose touch with the passion which flows naturally from his guitar." ~ Jam Music Magazine

"To say that Larry Pattis' first CD, Random Chance, is exquisite would be an understatement. What we have here is a joy, a work of art existing in an environment of music as 'product.' An artist should project warmth, an artist should be creative, an artist should produce some sort of emotion besides boredom … individuals such as Pattis don't promise a thing. They deliver. If music can heal, Pattis created the medicine." ~ William Athey, The Event, Salt Lake City

"Having heard Larry in concert several times, I have always thought that he is a mood magician, with a soul score of 10. I hear him and I heave a sigh of relief. I watch him play and I know that I'm in the right place … you should experience the fingerstyle guitar playing of Larry Pattis. His album Random Chance is a very beautiful passage of musical expression that will cleanse your palate and clear your mind … I think that I am listening to rare flowers on the hillside that have to be taken in while they are blooming …" ~ Kate MacLeod